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Moda Sostenible

(Sustainable Fashion)

"Moda Sostenible" is an installation and a performance that I collaborated with Madre Coraje, a non-profit organization that collects unwanted garments, and either gives them to the poor or sends for recycling, during my artist-in-residence at Linea de Costa in Cadiz, Spain. "Moda Sostenible", "sustainable fashion" in English, is my question towards fast fashion and consumption culture that I have observed and experienced in Spain.


I have decorated three garbage bins the Linea de Costa found me in Cadiz with donated clothes from Madre Coraje, and turned it into an installation and a performance that invited the local community to come and exchange or donate their unwanted clothes. As participants, if there is a piece of clothes that they want to exchange, simply fill out the tag, says “I’m (how many) percent new. I belonged to (someone) from (where).” Then, they teared the tag into two parts. Clip the blue part at the bottom of the clothes, hang the clothes on the rope, and keep the pink part in their hands. After, they can start shop around. If there is any clothes that they like, they can take it down and clip the pink part that says “I have exchanged this piece of clothes” on the rope. It's fun and easy!

I hope that via this performance, we can think more about the clothes that we buy from time to time, and rethink our responsibility as a global citizen on this planet.


For more details about Madre Coraje: 


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