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Made For Earth

Campaign & Concept Store

"Made For Earth" is a socially engaging project created by Christy Chow and Emelie Berge. Our aim was to increase the visibility of labor in the global garment industry. We collected unwanted garments from the Boston community, researched information on the hourly salary of the worker in the country where the garment was produced, and silkscreened this information on the backs of the garments. "Made For Earth" used pop-up stores to present these garments to the public and to take the upcycled garments home for free. "Made For Earth" also invited 5 fashion designers to collaborate to create their own label in order to reveal the labor costs of making a garment.

Made For Earth Pop-up Store 1

Wednesday April 15th, 2015

Simmons Quad, Boston, MA

Made For Earth Pop-up Store 2

Wednesday April 22nd, 2015

MassArt Lobby, Boston, MA

Labels by 5 fashion designers 

For more about "Made For Earth" catalog, please click here.

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