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An amusement park where labor and play converge.

"Laborland" is a dystopia and an amusement park where labor and play converge. I began this project by deconstructing a GAP shirt that was sewn together in 15 minutes by removing 3745 stitches in 4.5 hours. The latest "attraction" of "Laborland" is "Come, Run in Me," an interactive video installation where participates are encouraged to run inside the wheel in order to slave the worker in vieo projected on the wheel.

Come, run in me, 2015

Video, audio, wood, vinyl, acrylic, treadmill, spray paint, LED light strips, speaker, fabric, tag fastener

90” x 100” x 24”


An interactive video installation. Movement of the LED lights and speed of the video are controlled by the speed of the participants running on the treadmill.

Slum Theatre, 2014

wood, fabric, nylon rope, nail, projector, video camera, tripod, tag gun, tag fastener, embroidery hoop

60” x 48” x 60”


Performance of me putting tag fasteners on the shack window. Audience only saw my shadow and projection of my hands through the live-feed camera inside.

De-stitching, 2014

shirt, fabric, safety pin, video projection

82” x 58” x 45”


I spent 4.5 hours to decontruct a GAP shirt by removing 3745 stitches. I counted every stitch in Cantonese. I put it back together and projected the video on it. 

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