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2908.82 kcal

2908.82 kcal is a project about women’s bodies and their identities. The myth of beauty and the desire for a perfect body influence each one of us. Some women embrace this myth while others are repulsed by it. What we cannot deny is that the image of female body plays an important part in today’s contemporary society. In response this prevailing social phenomenon I created a group of sugar sculptures called “2908.82 kcal” to explore the paradox of perfect body. Different concepts of the perfect body have existed for centuries, from the Venus of Willendorf to today’s glossy magazines, which we cannot escape from. Yet my focus of this project is how human beings objectify their bodies. In this project, I used cast sugar to make candy lollipops of female bodies. Each lollipop contains a duel female body; a curvaceous body which made by seductive and colorful sugar covering a slender body which made by rubber. Through licking this tempting candy lollipop, one can reveal the slender body by in-taking 2908.82 calories.

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